Susie worked in the US for ten years, helper and confidante to some of America’s truly Rich and Famous. She traveled with them to their many homes in Manhattan, Westchester County, Miami, Colorado, Switzerland, saving money to send home to her family to help them meet medical expenses. Two of her siblings died of long illnesses while she was in the US. Her work allowed them to get treatment. So many Filipinas and Filipinos work overseas to help their families in this way.

Dinner with Susie

A Vietnamese meal with Susie – in Davao

Susie has returned to her home in Davao, on the large southern island of Mindanao, to care for her 97 year old mother whom we met six years ago. At that time her mother astonished me by quoting American poetry learned in primary school.   It is touching that Susie gave up her life in America to come home.


Susie’s mother

While in Davao, we also spent time with Cindy, one of the nurses who worked in PRPC as part of World Relief’s medical program. Not long ago Cindy had an aneurysm that put her into a coma with little hope of survival. Yet she survived and has regained movement and speech. Her recovery is a miracle. The attentions of her daughter, Janika, who left her nursing position to be a nurse to her mother, have been important in this recovery, as have the love and support of family and friends, and her faith.

Above Davao

Above Davao with Janika, Susie, Cindy and Lina

Cindy is rebuilding the memory of her own past.   We showed her and Susie a slide show of PRPC from 1988, photos taken by our friend Gaylord. It was wonderful to watch their reactions, and in particular to see that the pictures were reconnecting Cindy to an important part of her life, the people she lived and worked with and the places she once knew so well.


Watching Gaylord’s slide show of PRPC


Remembering old times!

[See “ for more about Gaylord. If you would like to see the slide show itself, it is at]

After returning to care for her mother, Susie has found a wonderful teaching and training job in the first STEM school in Davao and has returned to the career she practiced in PRPC.   After giving up her nursing job, Janika started a new and exciting career as a teacher of English as a Second Language. Both of them chose to close a door in order to spend time with a parent, and a new door has opened.