A Winter Journey

Lina and I have been traveling since January 13, through southern California and Hawaii to the Philippines; from there to Vietnam, Cambodia and Switzerland; then back to the Philippines and a swing through the islands of Mindanao, Negros, Panay and Romblon on our way back to Silang in the province of Cavite. Everywhere we have visited with friends and family.

The travel can be tiring and the constant change a challenge. Tonight, March 21, back in “our” bed, I count 33 changes of bed since we left New Hampshire! Yet our wanderings are also energizing. Being with people we care about, reconnecting with friends we may not have seen for 25 or 30 years and putting them back in touch with their larger network of friends and colleagues – this feels important and it is satisfying. We hear stories that inspire us, as well as news that saddens us. All part of “The Great Theatre of Life” that Robertson Davies describes in his fine novel, The Cunning Man. (One of the pleasures of this winter journey is reading unusual books found on the secondhand shelf of a small stationery store in a nearby mall.)

Along the way I have wondered why I’ve felt no prompting to write the blog entries that usually present themselves during these trips to Asia. Now, back in Silang, one week before my return to New Hampshire, I will follow the thread of this journey to share some of the stories that have moved me.