ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAfter sharing the story of the Aztec and Mayan masks (see previous post), I asked our visitors from Hinsdale to draw images of good and evil in their own lives and culture on a long roll of brown butcher paper.  These were not to be finished drawings, rather symbols and cartoons that would communicate an idea.

            The student who wrote “Yankees” felt compelled to add “Good” in parentheses!  Indeed, one person’s “good” might be another’s “evil”.  The American flag was drawn several times as a symbol of our national pride, and yet for some people in this world, it represents not good but evil. 

            I attach a number of photos of their cartoons. The soldier wearing an Asian hat is a North Korean, and the red / green shape next to him represents the Korean Peninsula.  The others drawings explain themselves. 

            What images do you have of Good and Evil?