Take a look at the first photo above.  Notice the play of light across the arched entrance.

Look again, closely, and try to imagine that this is actually a flat wall.  The three dimensional space is an illusion created by the technique called “trompe l’oeil” (fool the eye).

My friend Danny Rodriguez and other members of his family painted the inside walls of the Church of San Ildefonso in Ildefonso, Bulacan over a nine month period.  The second photo above shows an entire wall.  The columns are flat!  They created decorative friezes that run the length of the nave, at knee level and just below the roof line.  (Photo #3)  Danny painted a scene from the life of San Ildefonso.   His son-in-law created another painting.

Yet the painting that will stay with me is this flat wall that jumps out in three dimensions.