Our friend here in Vietnam has just installed an app on Lina’s iPad that allows her to bypass the Vietnamese government’s monitoring her IP address, so they cannot exclude her from Facebook.

He has also put in several short cuts / back doors to get things free (that maybe shouldn’t be?  not sure!).

This reminds me of our Russian son-in-law whom we met when he was a teenager in Hanoi.  He knew where to get anything and everything (strawberries, for instance); how to fix a Russian stove that broke; etc. etc.  One “advantage” people in “less developed” countries (hard to call Vietnam “less developed” now!) is that they have to get by with less, or know how to get around, get by.

Another attribute evident here is a lack of scruples about licensing / ownership / etc.  Some would call this a willingness to steal.  It seems just a way of life, a way to survive and thrive.

Very interesting to observe this.  I wonder if it has been written about.  This is a kind of technopiracy on a small scale – or perhaps it’s techno-ingenuity!

Best from a brave new world!