A trombone marches for the Virgin of Candelaria

A trombone marches for the Virgin of Candelaria

Candelaria1January 31, 2013

It is almost 10AM in Silang, Lina’s home town in the province of Cavite south of Metro Manila.  We have been awake since 4:30 (?) when the chorus of roosters began.  A decade of coq au vin every night might change the early morning wake up call.  (There are hundreds of roosters within 200 meters of our house.)  But that would be a shame.  The roosters tell me we really have arrived in our second home.

It is fiesta in Silang for the next four days.  One early sign was a parade of “bakla”, gay men dressed in red, dancing to the beat of a small band of drummers, one of them breathing fire.   Small town America is not treated to such spectacles.  Once again, I know I am in the Philippines.

Lina and I had a very good week in southern California and Nevada, traveling somewhat over 1000 miles to see friends from many different times of our lives and in many different places.

We arrived from Los Angeles yesterday.  The flight was long, about 32 hours from LAX to Manila with stops in Tokyo and Singapore.  We have arrived healthy and relatively well rested, with the excitement and uncertainty that I remember from previous trips.  While this is not the same kind of unknown that Linda and I leaped into when we left for China, the Philippines and Vietnam, there still is an unknown.  What will we create here?  How will our lives change in these months ahead, and how will that ripple into our life in New Hampshire?